old shoes collection Singapore

Our free service collects:

  • Clean clothes (we accept clothes with defects too - only those with zips not working, missing buttons and loose rubber )

  • Clean and wearable paired shoes

  • Clean household linen (E.g. bed sheets and towels) 

  • Accessories (E.g. belts and bags)

  • Please Do Not pack stained, torn, moldy and wet items

  • Please Do Not pack toys, books, kitchenware, used undergarment, used socks, pillows, comforter, soft toys, stationery



*The minimum weight for each collection is 10kg (approximately 2 large black trash bags). If you have less than 10kg, please bring to our drop-off locations.

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Collect at my doorstep without ringing the doorbell
If you select “Yes, I will leave the recyclables outside my house”: • you do not need to be at home. We will collect and leave without ringing the doorbell. • please make sure we are able to go to your unit even when there is nobody at home (i.e. there is no need for anyone to open the building gate).
Set preferred day
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Recyclables Type *
Please select the types of recyclables for collection (Please Do Not pack stained, torn, moldy and wet items)
Minimum 10kg for each collection. If possible, please assist to weigh the recyclables. Thank you.

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1. Region: To find your Region, please click here.

2. For transport route planning efficiency:

  • we will plan the collection date and time based on your preferred settings above and email the confirmation to you. A collection date will be confirmed within 2 weeks of your scheduling request.

  • please observe the minimum weight requirement. You may also combine with your neighbour so long as the pickup is from the same location.

3. Please do not pack anything other than clean textiles to prevent contamination.

4. If you have large quantities of textiles to recycle and/or are looking for a textile recycling partner, please Contact Us.

Thank you for your understanding.